Introducing the new class of multi-product calibrators:

The Fluke Calibration 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A High Performance Multi-Product Calibrators
Fluke 8588A Reference Monitor

Make calibration simpler and do more with a single calibration tool. The new, modern Fluke Calibration 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A High Performance Multi-Product Calibrators are designed from the ground up to be easier to use, more efficient, accurate and intuitive, and prepared to meet your laboratory’s demanding workload.

Confidently get more work done, in the lab or on-site with these new Fluke Calibration devices boasting the widest coverage, highest specification accuracy confidence, the most uptime, and the ability to capture full-scale measurements of devices under test with a single instrument.

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See how the new Fluke Calibration 5560A compares to the Fluke Calibration 5522A

Multi-Product Calibrator 


Key Features

Visual Connection Management™

terminals light up to intuitively guide calibration test connection setups

Remapped output terminals

are designed to match the layout of standard digital multimeters to minimise lead changes

30 A continuous current output

extends AC/DC measurement ranges for continuous operation with no duty cycle, downtime or wait times

Fluke 5560A Reference Multimeter - Front

Modern, intuitive touchscreen user interface

minimises the need for training and reduces potential user error

Calibrate resistance, capacitance, inductance,

AC/DC voltage, current, and more

4:1 Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR)

for most popular 6.5 digital multimeters

Three models to fit your application


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5560A: The widest workload coverage in this new generation of high-performing calibrators
The Fluke Calibration 5560A High-Performance Multi-Product Calibrator defines a new class of high-performance multi-product calibrator, providing the broadest electrical workload coverage and highest accuracy for calibrating the most demanding modern workloads.
5550A: Modern, intuitive, and optimised for your multimeter workload


The Fluke Calibration 5550A Performance Multi-Product Calibrator expands upon the capabilities of the Fluke Calibration 5522A, adding new calibration ranges optimised to better match your existing digital multimeter workload in a modern, ruggedised instrument with an intuitive graphical interface.

5540A: Better performance for on-site or mobile calibration
The Fluke Calibration 5540A Multi-Product Calibrator extends the capabilities of the Fluke Calibration 5502A with better performance suited for either on-site or mobile calibration.

Feature 5560A 5550A 5540A
Calibrate 6.5-digit multimeters that measure voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and inductance  
4:1 test uncertainty ratio for most popular 6.5-digit multimeters
4:1 test uncertainty ratio for most popular 5.5-digit multimeters  
4:1 test uncertainty ratio for most popular 4.5-digit multimeters
Calibrate 5.5-digit multimeters that measure voltage, current, resistance and capacitance  
Calibrate with improved settling time
New output terminal layout optimized for digital multimeter calibration
Optional DMM AUTOCAL Adapter accessory for dedicated digital multimeter calibration
New Accessories for Simplified Automation

New and Redesigned Current Coils
New optional 1-, 2-, 10- turn current coils, and redesigned 50-turn current coils work with the 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A to enable you to calibrate workloads that include clamp-type current meters and oscilloscope current probes. Each coil is designed for continuous use at 30 A with a minimum duty cycle to improve calibration throughput by as much as four times.
An optional DMM AUTOCAL Adapter lets you easily dedicate the calibrator to a digital multimeter workload by plugging directly into the calibrator’s output terminals with greater convenience and efficiency, reducing potential user error.
Portability kit for calibration in the field
The optional portability kit protects the calibrator with front/rear bumpers and makes it easier to transport with an easy to grip handle. The transit case included with all models is designed for shipping the calibrator, with or without the portability kit.
Automate with MET/CAL™ Calibration Management Software

With native MET/CAL support, you can access hundreds of automated calibration procedures to increase throughput up to four times that of traditional manual and multi-product methods while ensuring calibrations are performed consistently every time.
To learn more about MET/CAL™ Calibration Software, click here.

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