Broad electrical workload coverage and
25% savings on procedures


Get access to 1200+ MET/CAL procedures designed for the 5560A/5550A/5540A Multi-Product Calibrators, while realizing significant savings

5560A/5550A/5540A Multi-Product Calibrators

Purchase a new or renewal MET/SUPPORT Gold annual membership plan on the same purchase order as a new 5560A, 5550A or 5540A Multi-Product Calibrator and save 25% on the Gold plan.

Our software team has been busy creating MET/CAL procedures designed for 5560A/5550A/5540A calibrators. They’ve got 1200+ finalized for the most popular workloads, with more coming all the time. With a MET/SUPPORT Gold annual membership program you can download any MET/CAL procedure at any time from the Cubyt web portal.

The MET/SUPPORT Gold annual membership program provides premier support services that help you fully uncover the power of your software and become a more productive MET/CAL and MET/TEAM software user. Benefits include:

  • Access to a large library of warranted procedures, include those designed specifically for 5560A/5550A/5540A Multi-Product Calibrators
  • Priority access to Fluke Calibration software technical experts
  • Free software updates
  • Peace of mind

And now for a limited time you can enjoy significant savings on a Gold membership.

Enjoy the benefits of an advanced multi-product calibrator PLUS the benefits of a premier support plan and downloadable MET/CAL procedures.