Detect, locate and analyse partial discharge in one tool!
Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
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Fluke ii900
Product overview
Higher sensitivity allows user to detect Corona and Partial Discharge at earlier stages for preventive maintenance purpose
Easy navigation with 7” bright LCD Touchscreen for quick frequency filtering
Safely locate partial discharge up to 120 metres away
Fluke ii910
SoundMap™ technology allows visualisation of both acoustic and visual image
Ultrasonic detection up to 100kHz
PDQ Mode™ provides a relative severity of a discharge, to assist end user in making decision after PD has been detected
Introducing the NEW Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

Detects Corona and PD without a direct line of sight. Equipped with SoundSight™ technology translates sound visually for easy scan and locate problem areas. User-friendly even for untrained users Provides severity of a discharge and information to users on actions required in PDQ Mode™.

Features and benefits

PD Visualisation

Detect, locate and analyse partial discharge quickly and safely.​

Intuitive Interface​

Large intuitive touchscreens allow untrained user to quickly navigate within minutes.

Easy Reporting

Stored up to 999 pictures and 20 video files of up to 5 minutes video length.

SoundSight™ Technology

Translate sound into visual representation so you easily scan and locate problem areas.

Wide Ultrasonic Frequency Range

2kHz to 100kHz frequency range with detection distance up to 120 metres away.

PDQ Mode™

Display a relative severity of a discharge, that provides information to the user to aid decision making. ​

Why you need a Fluke Acoustic Imager for your conveyor system maintenance

Experience the future of conveyor system maintenance with Fluke's MecQ for the Fluke ii910, your powerful partner in maximising efficiency, ensuring safety, and reducing downtime costs. See how MecQ can revolutionise your operations, potentially saving your business between $30,000 to $130,000 per hour, and keep your team ahead of issues with its intuitive interface and precise problem pinpointing capabilities.

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Traditional UV camera vs. Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
PD detection with UV Camera
  • Limited Field of View
  • Inteference of sunlight
  • Complex and delicate instrument
PD detection with Fluke ii910
  • Easy and fast detection
  • Scanning of large area
  • Provides richer data for fault assessment and trending
Fluke ii910 Applications
Preventive Maintenance on Transmission Lines & Substations
  • Easy to use
  • Less depending on external condition (limiation of UV Camera, noise limitation of ultrasonic tools)
  • Quick detection
Inspecting Cabinets and Bus bars for Partial Discharge
  • Safety: able to detect from safer/higher distances
  • Easier, less training required
  • Better documentation with pictures
Detection of PD on distribution equipment
  • More effective in outdoor environment than ultrasonic tools
  • Faster for quick routing
  • Better documentation with pictures
Test, Try and Evaluate Program

During this time, we understand that assessing a new tool can be difficult, so that’s why we are giving you the opportunity to test, try and evaluate select Fluke tools before you commit.

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