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Working in a process environment such as pharmaceutical, refining or other industrial area can be challenging. Whether you’re working at a bench, out in the plant, or in the field, you need accurate tools that you can count on. Finding the right tools for the specific challenges you face every day is important, so we’ve provided an “at-a-glance” guide to the wide range of multifunction, mA loop, pressure and temperature calibrators that we carry. 
Multifunction Calibration

Fluke offers a broad range of field and bench calibrators to source, simulate, and measure pressure, temperature and electrical signals to help you verify and adjust your test equipment or almost any process instrument.

Fluke Multifunction Process Calibrators

Fluke 753 Documenting Process Calibrator

Sources, simulates and measures pressure, temperature, and electrical signals.

Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator HART®

Calibrates, maintains and troubleshoots HART and other instrumentation.

Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator

Measures/sources/simulates volts, mA, RTDs, ohms, thermocouples, pressure and frequency.

Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Calibrator

Designed specifically for the process industry with broad calibration power and enhanced accuracy.
Automated calibration practices in process manufacturing

Process manufacturing plants require hundreds, even thousands of sophisticated devices that perform countless critical operations ceaselessly, accurately, and reliably. Those devices in turn require regular inspection, testing, calibration, and repair. This paper reviews route-based, automated calibration practices as an alternative to traditional methods.

mA Loop Calibration

Loop calibrators are essential tools for working with 4-20 mA current loops. Fluke loop calibrators provide mA sourcing, simulation and measurement, readouts in both mA and % of span, 24 V loop supply, simple operation and accuracy you can count on.

Fluke mA Loop Calibrators and Process Meters

Fluke 710 mA Loop Valve Tester

Designed to enable users to perform quick, easy tests on HART smart control valves.

Fluke 707Ex IS Loop Calibrator

Ideal for a wide variety of calibration applications from 4 to 20 mA with 24V DC loop power.

Fluke 773 mA Process Clamp Meter

Saves time by making accurate measurements on 4-20 mA signal loops without breaking the circuit.

Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™

Doubles troubleshooting capabilities by combining digital multimeter and mA loop calibrator in one tool.
How To Troubleshoot a 4-20 Loop

Instrument and automation technicians are constantly challenged to keep instrumentation loops and I/O working at peak efficiency while using the least possible time to do it. Uncover how you can troubleshoot a live device without having to power down and possibly miss something going on in the process.

Pressure Calibration 

Pressure, level and flow instrumentation is found in virtually every process plant. Periodic calibration of these instruments is required to keep plants operating efficiently and safely. Fluke provides a wide selection of field and bench calibration tools to help you quickly and reliably calibrate your pressure and gas flow instrumentation. 

Fluke Digital Pressure Calibrators

Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 719 Electric Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 718Ex IS Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge Calibrator

Portable automatic pressure calibrator that simplifies pressure calibration.
Calibrate and test pressure devices quickly and easily with the built-in electric pump.
Intrinsically safe and self-contained pressure calibrator for transmitters, gauges and switches.
Highly accurate (0.04%) digital pressure test gauge that can be used as a calibration reference.
Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator

In this video, our Process Calibration Tools Product Manager, Jim Shields, gives an introduction to the Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator, designed to simplify calibration and provide faster, more accurate results.

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