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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Made Easy

Healthcare facilities are the producer of health and well-being, and indoor air quality (IAQ) issue should be regarded as one of the most important topics to be assessed and monitored. 
In fact, IAQ requires a great deal of attention for guaranteeing healthy indoor air and protecting users, both patients and workers, against hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and occupational diseases. It is well known that concentrations of pollutants in outdoor air are lower than in indoor air due to several internal sources, including HVAC systems, building materials, hospital staff, medical and human activities, which can highly influence the air quality performances.

The most obvious solution to overall IAQ is the most “hidden”. Particulate matter is extremely small and can only be detected using electron microscopes. The Fluke 985 Particle Counter can detect and quantify particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns in size. 
The portable Fluke 985 Particle Counter enables maintenance professionals to determine if there are concentrations of particulate matter moving through the Air Filtration System. When elevated concentrations are measured, it is important that the maintenance professional understands the source of the particles to be able to control them. Be aware that the particles source may indicate that there is a much larger issue looming under the surface. Core problems may include poor filtration, congested ventilation or excessive moisture. Left unchecked, these conditions will cause the same symptoms, or worse, to reoccur with certainty.

Particle Counting as part of the ongoing preventive maintenance is critical to ensure a healthy environment. The Fluke 985 is a highly portable, rugged, and simple handheld diagnostic tool, designed to assist the HVAC Technician and Facilities Manager in identifying air quality problems and authenticating the efforts to address their root causes.

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