Expand your toolkit with a Fluke Thermal Imager and free Infrared Smart Lenses.

Buying a Fluke Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501 or TiX580 will offer you the great opportunity to claim a 2x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens or a Wide angle Infrared Smart Lens, for free. Order your Fluke thermal imager today through an authorized distributor and receive a free Fluke lens.

With an optional wide angle thermal lens which is swappable on the field, you will have a wider field of view for working in tight spaces. With an optional tele photo thermal lens view your target magnified 2 times more than a standard lens, and reduce the need to enter the danger zone in your plant or to climb a tall ladder to capture the critical infrared details that could indicate your equipment has an issue.


High resolution handheld thermal imaging cameras with a free lens now

Quality images for advanced inspection and troubleshooting.

Fluke Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501, TiX580

  • Capture the high definition thermal images need to complete reliability inspections, make industrial maintenance decisions, conduct building diagnostic testing and troubleshooting. (Fluke TiX501)
  • Perform thermal imaging inspections with more confidence and faster results than ever before: Choose the Fluke Ti401 PRO handheld thermal imaging camera with 640x480 resolution for your preventive maintenance program.

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How to get your free lens from Fluke

  1. Buy a Fluke Thermal imager between 15th March 2021 and June 30th, 2021.
    • Purchases must be made from an authorized Fluke distributor.
    • Proof of sale in the form of a receipt or invoice is required. Packing slips, purchase orders/order confirmations are not acceptable as proof of purchase.
    • Only listed Fluke Thermal Imagers Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501 or TiX580 are eligible for this promotion.
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