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Buying a high-resolution Fluke Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501, or TiX580 camera will offer you the great opportunity to claim a 2x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens or a Wide-angle Infrared Smart Lens, for FREE.

This promotion is valid from 1. September until 15. December 2021.

When your job requires a level of precision well beyond the ordinary, you need a remarkable camera you can rely on –every time!

With these Fluke thermal imagers, Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501, and TiX580, you have the most rugged, reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use camera in your hand to make difficult inspections safer, easier, and hassle free.

The Fluke Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501, and TiX580 infrared cameras come with a 640 x 480 resolution and can measure temperatures up to 650 °C. The 240° articulation of the TiX501 and TiX580 cameras can collect the images needed–whether they are overhead, around corners, or under equipment. These cameras are ideal for industrial maintenance inspections, predictive maintenance programs, oil and gas maintenance, and Utilities.

CLOSE THE GAP in thermal detail with a Fluke interchangeable, self-calibrating, telephoto/wide-angle Smart Lens™

Envision yourself capturing images of intrinsically safe zones, areas too hot to get close to, or tall stacks at a refinery or similar manufacturer. With Fluke Smart Lenses™ you can identify anomalies early and help eliminate downtime, perhaps preventing even more catastrophic results.

A wide-angle or telephoto lens will expand your field of view and even increase the quality of your images. With a wide-angle lens, you will be able to scan a large area like the ceiling, the roof of a factory or warehouse, or the outside of a house. A telephoto lens allows you to work from the ground , keeping a safe distance. Scan overhead vents or duct work, high-power transmission towers, or power pylons. Investigate electrical and fire hazards or localize hot bearings–all from a safe distance. All that requires only one thermal imager and an extra Smart Lens™ from Fluke.

infrared image

Eliminate out-of-focus images

Focus is the single most important thing when conducting an infrared inspection. LaserSharp® Auto Focus, exclusive to Fluke, uses its built-in laser distance meter to calculate the distance to your designated target with pinpoint accuracy. LaserSharp® gives you the confidence that you will never take an out-of-focus image again.

IR Fusion

Don’t miss a single detail

Fluke IR-Fusion™ technology captures a digital image and an infrared image at the same time. It then precisely matches them, pixel by pixel, to give you more detail. The five modes of IR Fusion (Full IR, Picture-in-Picture, Blending, Visible Alarm, and Full Visible) give you the flexibility to generate an image that provides the best detail of the target and the exact location of the problem area.

Man at desk

Keep your data safe and save time

Wirelessly sync images from your camera to the Fluke Connect™ system and attach them to asset records or work orders. Even send them to a colleague to collaborate while in the field. Fluke Connect is the best choice if you work remotely or cannot install the Fluke SmartView Software on your computer.

Infrared image of telephone pole

Stay safe and expand your field of view

With a 2x telephoto or wide-angle lens you can identify and investigate problem areas and components otherwise invisible with standard lenses. By having additional lenses, you will have more flexibility with FOV (more applications) plus the focus will be more accurate and precise (better image, better accuracy).

Interchangeable smart lens

Quick and easy-to-switch

Fluke Smart Lenses™ are interchangeable between cameras and the sensor remains safe from exposure when the lens is removed. Fluke Smart Lens optics contain 100% diamond-tuned germanium.

man checking camera

No follow-up costs for calibration

Continue to shoot images near and far, for the long term. Fluke Smart Lenses™ require no thermal camera calibration and give you both the versatility and image quality you need to conduct inspections in nearly every environment.

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How to get your free lens from Fluke

  1. Buy a Fluke Thermal imager between 1st September 2021 and December 15th, 2021.
    • Purchases must be made from an authorized Fluke distributor.
    • Proof of sale in the form of a receipt or invoice is required. Packing slips, purchase orders/order confirmations are not acceptable as proof of purchase.
    • Only listed Fluke Thermal Imagers Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501 or TiX580 are eligible for this promotion.
  2. Contact your local Fluke Authorized Distributor to get the free lens.
  3. Receive and enjoy your new Fluke tools!
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