Why you need a Fluke Acoustic Imager for your conveyor system maintenance

See potential issues before they cause unplanned downtime. Schedule a live demo:

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How can MecQ™ help with your conveyor system maintenance?

Deploy with Ease

Intuitive interface that encourages adoption by the entire maintenance team

Seamless integration with existing leak and partial discharge detection tools for convenient visual detection

Boost Efficiency

Efficiently scan large areas of interest

Stay ahead of issues and order spare parts in a timely manner

Pinpoint the exact source of problems, rather than just the general area

Optimize energy efficiency by addressing unhealthy bearings that increase energy consumption

Mitigate consequential damages by taking proactive measures

Maximize Uptime

Minimize the risk of unplanned downtime on your conveyor system

Swiftly identify potential bearing failures for timely maintenance

Reduce Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) key performance indicator (KPI)

Ensure Team Safety

Conduct inspections without the need for close contact

Eliminate hazardous situations for your team

Reduce Costs

Potential cost savings of $30,000 to $130,000 per hour, depending on the industry, by avoiding unplanned downtime

How to use MecQ™ and the ii910?


Quickly and easily scan areas and pinpoint where unusual sounds are coming from – even those sounds out of range for human hearing.


Take a screenshot of the point of interest. Then annotate and tag the photo to define follow-up action and urgency.


Share the annotated screenshots with your team so they can respond and schedule maintenance.


Investigate the pinpointed areas further during planned downtime to determine what the problem is and proactively fix it.

See potential issues before
they cause unplanned downtime