When Is a Tool Just a Tool? Never.

Electricity is dangerous. Your tool is your safety margin. Your expert instrument. Your troubleshooting partner. You should be able to trust it every time. The safety, quality, and durability that we engineer into each Fluke product is why our tools perform precisely in extreme conditions and for years after others fail. Fluke quality means safety. Fluke durability means long-term value. The Fluke tool is the tool that works. You deserve it.

Safe? We Prove It

To work with electricity safely, your tools have to be properly rated and certified for the job. That’s why testing is important: We force our tools to fail for us so they won’t fail on you. We put them through a variety of real use and misuse scenarios here in our labs, so we’re confident that every Fluke tool will protect you and perform reliably in the real world for years to come.

Help to Do What You Do

Looking for safety information? We’ve got articles about safety across a range of topics, from tools and standards to automotive, renewable energy, condition monitoring, and more.

Learning a new job or updating skills? Here are videos and articles on electrical basics as well as user tips on specific tool types.

Troubleshooting takes both skill and practice under pressure. Get the insight you need to find and fix issues fast.

Made to Measure, Engineered to Last

Our test and measurement tools set the performance standards for the systems that you work on.

Made to Measure, Engineered to Last

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Our test and measurement tools set the performance standards for the systems that you work on.

Safety. Quality. Durability. You Deserve It All.

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