Biomedical Test Equipment

The full line of medical test equipment by Fluke Biomedical is fully-integrated and automated performance testing and documentation systems - designed to help you ensure staff and patient safety.
The RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter

One device for every situation means less to carry, learn and administrate. That equals less expense, more efficiency and time savings.

Spend more time on measurements and less time on settings. Just turn on the instrument and within a few seconds you are ready to measure. The RaySafe 452 does not require any corrections or manual settings, letting you focus on radiation protection rather than set-up.

Easily transfer data for further analysis and data storage with the PC software RaySafe View which is included with the meter. The intuitive interface shows all parameters in one view, and all measurement data is stored automatically.


ThermoView TV40 サーマル・イメージャ

ThermoView TV40 は、産業アプリケーションでの150年の実績が支える信頼のブランドが設計した高性能な産業用サーマル・イメージャです。最も困難な環境条件に対応した設計と、直感的で高機能な解析ソフトウェアの力によって、ThermoView TV40はプロセス・モニタリングやプロセス管理のニーズに応える性能とカスタマイズ性を実現しています。