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Buy a new Fluke Acoustic Imager (ii900 or ii910) or a new Fluke Thermal Imager (Ti480Pro or TiX580) and get your choice of a FREE hand-held Fluke Thermal Camera or Fluke Clamp Meter.

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Preventive maintenance programs save time, money, and hassle by identifying potential problems before they become real problems. Fluke Acoustic and Thermal Imaging cameras are engineered to see the unseen before it becomes a critical issue. Whether you need to find hidden air and gas leaks or monitor the health of your industrial motors and drives, Fluke helps you elevate your preventive maintenance program with the right tools for the job. With this limited time offer, your preventive maintenance tool budget will stretch even further.

Check out the ii900 and ii910 virtual demo https://acousticimaging.fluke.com/.

Terms and conditions: A free gift (the “Promotion”) is available to customers who purchase a “Qualifying Fluke Product,” from a participating authorized Fluke distributor in the United States or Canada between October 10, 2022, and December 30, 2022. The Promotion is void where prohibited by law. The Promotion is also void in Puerto Rico and all other U.S. Territories and possessions. Unless authorized by the Sponsor in writing, this offer cannot be combined with respect to the purchase of any Qualifying Fluke Product with any other discounts, credits, rebates or other special offers from the Sponsor applicable to the purchase of that Qualifying Fluke Product. One gift will be awarded per invoice and one free gift per redemption. The following Fluke brand tools are eligible “Qualifying Fluke Products” Fluke ii900, ii900/FPC, Fluke ii910, ii910/FPC, Fluke Ti480-PRO 60HZ, Fluke TiX580 60HZ. For complete terms and conditions go to elevateyourpdmprogram.com. Fluke reserves the right to change the program rules at any time, without prior notice.