Detect, locate and analyse partial discharge in one tool!
Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
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Fluke ii900
Partial discharge and air/gas leak detection made easier, faster and safer
Product overview
Innovative SoundSight™ technology converts ultrasound into clear visual for easier and faster location of partial discharge
User friendly 7” large LCD touchscreen display makes it easy to locate partial discharge and compressed air/gas leaks, and input notes with your finger
Fluke ii910
Safely locate partial discharge up to 120 meters away
Broad ultrasonic frequency detection range of up to 100KHz allows for detection of partial discharge in early stage for proactive maintenance
Fluke ii900

Take live picture of your scan and access rich data for partial discharge analysis in PDQ™ mode online reporting tool

Fluke ii900

Get analysis of estimated leak flowrate and cost via LeakQ™ online reporting tool

In search of a new way to detect Partial Discharge (PD) in Power Utilities?

The Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager scans and pinpoints the exact locations of PDs from a safe distance. Ideal for high voltage electricians, electrical test engineers and grid maintenance teams who are constantly inspecting and maintaining power distribution and high voltage equipment.

Features and benefits

PDQ Mode™

Display pulse counting for severity tracking, which provides information to the user to aid decision making.

PD Visualization and Analysis

Locate PD and provide AI-powered analysis of detected PD.

LeakQ Mode™

Display LeakQ scale for leak severity tracking.

SoundSight™ Technology

Translate sound into visual representation so you easily scan and locate problem areas.

Easy Reporting

Stored up to 999 pictures and 20 video files of up to 5 minutes video length.

Wide Ultrasonic Frequency Range

Ultrasound frequency range of 2KHz to 100KHz for early detection of PD and location of majority of compressed air leaks.

Long Battery Life

Equipped with 2 batteries-
up to 12 hours of hassle-free scanning with Fluke ii910.

Intuitive interface​

Large 7’ intuitive touchscreen allows untrained user to quickly navigate within minutes.

Far Distance Scanning

Scanning distance up to 120 meters to ensure user’s safety.

Traditional UV camera vs. Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
PD detection with UV Camera
  • Limited Field of View
  • Inteference of sunlight
  • Complex and delicate instrument
PD detection with Fluke ii910
  • Easy and fast detection
  • Scanning of large area
  • Provides richer data for fault assessment and trending
Other acoustic imager vs. Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
Other acoustic imager
  • Limited screen display
  • Limited detection frequency range
  • Limited scanning distance
Fluke ii910
  • 7” large LCD touchscreen for quick location of PD and notes input
  • Broad detection frequency range from 2KHz to 100KHz for PD detection in early stage
  • Safe detection at up to 120m away
Fluke ii910 Applications
Preventive Maintenance on Transmission Lines & Substations
  • Easy to use
  • Less depending on external condition (limiation of UV Camera, noise limitation of ultrasonic tools)
  • Quick detection
Inspecting Cabinets and Bus bars for Partial Discharge
  • Safety: able to detect from safer/higher distances
  • Easier, less training required
  • Better documentation with pictures
Detection of PD on distribution equipment
  • More effective in outdoor environment than ultrasonic tools
  • Faster for quick routing
  • Better documentation with pictures
Detection and analysis of PD on HV rotating machinery (Generator/Turbine/Motor)
  • Safety: remotely provides visual of PD points
  • Faster scanning and pinpointing faulty slots
  • Provides richer data for PD analysis
  • Pictures for visual reporting
Introducing the NEW Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

Detects Corona and PD without a direct line of sight. Equipped with SoundSight™ technology translates sound visually for easy scan and locate problem areas. User-friendly even for untrained users Provides severity of a discharge and information to users on actions required in PDQ Mode™.

Benefits & Applications of Fluke ii910

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