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Take motor drive analysis to the next level now!
Automate measurements with the ideal portable motor-drive analysis test tools.
Safely locate and troubleshoot typical problems on complex inverter type motor-drive systems.
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Fluke MDA-510, MDA-550-III
Fluke MDA-510, MDA-550-III
Fluke MDA-510, MDA-550-III
Fluke MDA-510, MDA-550-III
Four instrument capabilities in one portable design
Motor-Drive Analysis, Waveform Analysis, Numerical meter reading & Data recording
Highest safety rating in the industry
600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance and downstream
Key measurements
Complex tests include: Inverter output voltage, DC bus voltage and ripple voltage, shaft voltage discharge eventsharmonics, unbalance
Isolated input channels
Designed for inverter drive and other floating measurements
Full 500MHz
The fast signal frequency found in the motor drive systems can be measured accurately.
Automated data collection
Pre-set profiles speed up measurement process in the field or lab
Capture, Trend, Document for Motor Drive System
Drive Input
Verify signal is within the drive operating specification

Measure Voltage, Current & Frequency
Inspect unbalance 

Drive and Drive Output
Check performance of AC-DC-AC conversion and intermediate drive circuit performance
Measure DC-Bus
Inspect voltage modulation PWM waveform for peak voltage stress on motor insulation
Motor and Drive Train
Check high voltage peaks due to the influence of the cable and detect bearing flash-over that can damage the motor bearings.
Inspect voltage modulation PWM waveform at motor
Capture shaft discharge events

An easier way to troubleshoot

It can be problematic to begin testing as there is usually a lack of, or incomplete, work history for the equipment. This includes documentation of specific tests and measurements performed previously, work completed or the condition of individual components after maintenance.

The new Fluke MDA-550-III Motor Drive Analyzer is designed to make motor drive testing more efficient and insightful with the capability to document the process at each step along the way. These reports can be stored and compared against subsequent tests to get a complete picture of motor drive maintenance history.

Capture and document to isolate motor drive train problem

Getting to the root cause of a motor drive system failure or performing a routine preventive maintenance check is best done with a set of standard tests and measurements at key points within the system.

The Fluke Motor Drive Analyzers guide you through the key tests and automate many of the needed calculations so you can have confidence in the results. Plus, you can save data to a report at any test points for easy documentation.

How to prevent electrical damage on bearings?

Simple setup
Signal display of discharges
Events – number of discharges/sec
Tip: Do periodic checks as bearing lubrication, load and other factors can influence the rate and occurrence of discharge events
Fast voltage discharges across the bearing surfaces can cause fluting or electrical erosion on the bearings. Motor Shaft Voltage is the answer. Measuring a fast turning motor shaft can be troublesome and risky.

The Fluke MDA-550-III shaft voltage probe provides a safe and easy way to make electrical connections to motor shafts. This unique function accounts for the rate of occurrence and amplitude of damage.

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Why choose Fluke MDA-550-III?

Fluke MDA-550-III
General Scopemeter
Documentation/ Report Capture the image screens with test sequences included. Test sequences not included in the saved data.
Motor Drive Analysis Guided steps with pre-defined profiles. Measurements are automatically calculated. User has to manually set up.
Motor Shaft Voltage Counts events and normalized to discharge events per seconds. Does not qualify for the discharge event.
Time to troubleshoot motor and drive systems Guided step-by-step on where, why and what to measure. Requires more time and experience to know where, how and what to measure.
Harmonics DC to 51st. Does not support.
FFT Higher frequency spectrum includes additional fixed spectrum analysis of
- 1 kHz to 9 kHz,
- 9 kHz to 150 kHz.
Does not separate the frequency spectrum into fixed ranges.

Learn more on the unique advances in MDA-550-III

Avoid similar fault from occurring. Design for automated and guided measurements to speed up motor and drive troubleshooting process down to the root-cause.

Functions MDA-550-III
Max Sample Rate Up to 5GS/s
Bandwidth 500 MHz
Inputs 4 Scope, 4 Meter
Triggering Edge, Video, Connect & View, Pulse Width, External
DMM Edge, Video, Connect & View, Pulse Width, External
Motor Shaft Voltage 5000
Motor Drive Analysis
Motor Shaft Voltage
Harmonics and up to Supra-harmonics level
IP-51 Rated
Battery BP291, up to 7 hours
Channel Isolation 1000V CATIII, 600V CATIV
Max Input Voltage 1000V CATIII, 600V CATIV
Max Floating Voltage 1000V CATIII, 600V CATIV
Take motor drive analysis to the next level now!

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