Fluke PTi120 400C Thermal Imager

Fluke PTi120 Thermal Imager is a compact pocket-sized themal camera that provides you quick temperature scans on electrical equipment, machinery, and other assets. It is the first line of defense in detection of spots that may lead to downtime.

Fluke Pti120

Small but powerful.

Small enough to carry every day without worry. Always at hand. Stands up to dirt and water. Can survive a 1-meter drop. Now enhanced infrared inspections are right in your pocket for quick temperature scans of electrical equipment, machinery and other assets.

Fluke Pti120
Fluke Pti120
Check out how portable it is!
Features and benefits
Small enough to carry everyday without worry.
Easy Application
Simple point and shoot technology empowers teams to quickly scan equipment.
Stands up to dirt and water.
Can survive a 1-meter drop.
Fluke PTi120
IR-Fusion™ Technology
Get your preferred level of IR fusion by sliding your fingers across the screen.
Asset Tagging Feature
Eliminate the tedium of sorting and organizing your infrared images. Automatically save images to the right folders by scanning your asset’s QR code or barcode.
Pumps and Motors

Pumps and motors are common and critical mechanical equipment in most plants. Fluke PTi120 can be used to identify inefficiency in mechanical systems to achieve optimum operating & energy usage condition.

Electrical Panels

Maintenance for electrical system has always been challenging as most electrical problems are invisible. Fluke PTi120 compact thermal imager can be used to see the unseen problems quickly and safely in the electrical system.

Frontline scans of a variety of assests

Fluke PTi120 is a tool which can be used to detect the problems in your assets at early stage as it’s non-destructive, non-contact and highly effective. It can effectively reduce costly downtime and equipment damage.

Product videos
A professional grade thermal imager that fits easily in your pocket - watch how portable the Fluke PTi120 is!

Watch this video for the key features of the new upgraded Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager

Get the infrared troubleshooting power you need.

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